Individual Training

Our 1 on 1 mental trainings are an individualized opportunity for girls to strengthen their mindset skills. A special feature of these programs is that all girls will be paired with a mentor. All mentors are former or current elite level players having played professionally or collegiately. You will have the opportunity to virtually meet or video message your mentor throughout the sessions!

The Mentor Network

At Female Footballers, we pride ourselves on being an all female organization. Even today, almost 50 years after title IX, female role models are hard to come by. In 1972, 90% of collegiate coaches were women. Today, they coach fewer than half. This downward trend is happening in all sports at all levels. Our motto is, “You can't be what you can't see.”

Therefore, we aim to provide you with women who have been in your shoes, felt how you feel, and who have similar stories. Women who can provide insight and help for your mental sports journey.

Introducing our Female Footballers Mentor Models

A Mentor Model provides you with mentorship and guidance, using past experiences to relate to and connect with on a different level throughout your course.

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