Whole Player Approach

All female athletes benefit from continued technical and tactical skill work on the field, but not many put enough effort into their mental skills which help them achieve higher levels and personal goals. The mental skills aspect of our program sets us apart, makes us unique, and will help differentiate your club from your competition. We focus on different mindset skills such as confidence, communication, growth mindset, grit, body image, goal setting, and much more. 

The MINDSET - Putting time into mindset training will create longevity and strengthen mentality through adversity.

The BODY - Physical Fitness, agility and strength training 

The CRAFT - Technical and Tactical skills make up a HUGE part of a players ability and success in the sport. 

Female Footballers is not affiliated with one club or organization. We feel it is important to coach the whole player through a variety of options. We offer an online curriculum for your club or organization, as well as individual coursework for individual players that have deeper mindset needs.

The Mentor Network

At Female Footballers, we pride ourselves on being an all female organization. Even today, almost 50 years after title IX, female role models are hard to come by. In 1972, 90% of collegiate coaches were women. Today, they coach fewer than half. This downward trend is happening in all sports at all levels. Our motto is, “You can't be what you can't see.”

Therefore, we aim to provide you with women who have been in your shoes, felt how you feel, and who have similar stories. Women who can provide insight and help for your mental sports journey.

Introducing our Female Footballers Mentor Models

A Mentor Model provides you with mentorship and guidance, using past experiences to relate to and connect with on a different level throughout your course.

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